Stained Glass Branding Campaign
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St. John’s University, one of the largest Catholic institutions of higher learning in the country, wanted to create an integrated marketing campaign for the Enrollment Services Office that capitalized on the University’s strong religious heritage and would translate across all media formats. To be successful, the work needed to connect with multiple groups, including high school sophomores, parents, school counselors and other decision-makers who might not otherwise consider a Catholic university.

LFO’ created a new look and feel that attracted both secular students and students of faith, distributing the Stained Glass campaign through strategically selected channels. Through these, we created a constant stream of contact to all audiences, delivering engaging content at various touchpoints throughout the student search cycle. Additionally, we created pURLs, or personalized websites, for all prospective students, creating a custom experience based on their indicated interest, drawing them into the culture of St. John’s and its unique offerings.

As a result of this multimedia campaign, St. John’s experienced a response rate of over 25% across all student types and an increased interest in campus and student life.

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