YOU WILL Undergraduate and Graduate Recruitment Campaign
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NYU-Poly, one of the most competitive and globally recognized schools of science, engineering and technology, wanted to address the shortage of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) professionals in America, and needed a way to activate domestic students to consider careers in those fields.

Already familiar with the institution and its challenges due to a nearly two-decade relationship as AOR, LFO’ supplemented proprietary knowledge with new qualitative research, discovering in the process that the primary desire of the college-bound generation was “to change the world and make a difference.” We reframed this as a challenge, tapping into the aspirations of STEM-focused and general students alike by asking, “What will YOU do?” We provided answers in the form of powerful messaging across a full suite of print, interactive, and out-of-home channels, which helped make the school and its prestigious programs more approachable, attractive, and relevant to those who may not have previously considered a career in science, technology, or engineering.

Through our campaign, the institution reported a significant spike in campus visits and campus tours in 2012. Applicants for this year also hailed from more diverse academic backgrounds than in previous years, which were predominantly comprised of students with a hard science and mathematics focus. The school also experienced a surge in domestic applicants, increasing diversity of enrollment. Additionally, this effort won the title of Best Total Recruitment Package of the Year at the 2012 HEMR awards show, the top honor in higher education marketing, among others.

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